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Avoid Foreclosure. Get Mortgage Help Now.

Let us help you understand the ways to save yourself from debt, protect your financial stability, and get mortgage help in Florida. MHE Florida’s team of highly skilled experts, including attorneys, short sale negotiators, and processors are here to help you. We make full use of new loan modification, short sale, and deed in lieu of foreclosure laws put in place to assist homeowners whose properties have lost value.

All our services are 100% free to the homeowner. No fine print.
Todos nuestros servicios son 100% gratis para nuestros clientes.

Repair Your Mortgage Debt with a Short Sale or a
Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Mortgage Help Experts Florida can help you avoid foreclosure with a short sale or a deed in lieu process, whether you are struggling to make the monthly mortgage payments, or are already in foreclosure proceedings. You can save your credit score, release yourself of all debt attached to the property, including mortgage debt, and secure your financial future. Learn more by visiting these informative pages: Short Sale and Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure.

Taking action early is key to successful results. Contact us. We are happy to discuss your situation.

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They walked away from their expensive mortgage payments by selling their home through a short sale, and they are glad they did.
CBS 60 Minutes
Our home had lost 46% of its value over the last years and we found ourselves with negative equity ‘underwater’ , also my husband’s business was slowing down. We used Affinity Realty's short sale service and walked away from our home without paying a dime and settling all accounts. I am debt free, paying nearly half as much renting a comparable home and working with my husband to buy another home soon. We have decided to use the money we will save toward his business. Thank you Affinity Realty for your help.
Martha C. (Miami)

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